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  •   Carlsbad Lagoon is the perfect training area for first time kayakers and paddleboarders.

    With Groupon in-hand we booked three watercraft for 2 hours. Check-in was simple as was getting our toys ready to go. We had two hours of rental time but when we came back for the day we had only used 1.5 hours...We were too tired to go back out. Overall this is a family-friendly lagoon with many fun experiences to be had.  Next time we'll be taking the kids out on the WaveRunners..

    - First time paddleboarders will have a tough time standing up because of the WaveRunners' wake. Best bet is to kneel and paddle until you're far enough away from the waves.
    - Don't get the Aqua Bike. It's too slow and people didn't seem to be enjoying it.
    - They have lockers for rent ($5). However they're outside the office and the locks are pretty cheap. I wouldn't put anything of value in them.
    - You can buy and use your groupon the same day.
    - You can swap out a watercraft with a different one if you're not enjoying yourself.
    - Public restrooms.
    - Watch for jumping fish. If you're lucky, one might jump a few feet away from you.

    thumb Marcus F.
  •   I didn't get to experience the entire facility and what it had to offer, but I did experience the worst customer service within the 1st 30 minutes of being at the facility. This place is definitely about quantity and not quality. Everyone and everything is all over the place, no organization and customer service. We bought 1 hour 2 jet ski passes, then were told to go outside and wait. This is when the weirdness happened. I guess the man on the throne in the picture included with this review was the owner, he looked and sounded like this big important person, ordering his young servant around with no respect to anyone around him and especially his clients. When we asked him questions he answered with such attitude and annoyance that made me leave right away. We went inside, got our refund and left as this was not worth our time. Be aware, this place is not for everyone, if you are looking for flea market experience but paying same amount as at the mall then this is the place to go to.

    thumb Anna S.
  •   What a joke!!! Came with my wife and son to jetski.After we paid  we ware told to go for orientation under the Orange tent was a guy who told us to wait so we wait for 20min, then I see that people who came after us are going to orientation, then I ask the guy is there a line ? Or any type of order we have to go by ? No answer from anyone. Then come to find out it's the owner
    Who is sitting and giving orders to under aged kids who are being bossed around go do this go bring me that oh and no organize staff around to be found including owner who is just sitting under the orange tent!!!! What  waste of our time will never go there again and not recommend for family or friends and do not want any type of contact from the owner  because he was there and didn't care about his clients or customer service. No proper management !!!! This review is for the owner only!!!!!

    thumb Serge B.
  •   Love this place! The employees are always helpful, especially the boys out on the beach. I have done stand-up battle boarding there a handful of times and I always have a great experience. It hasn't been overcrowded on the days I've been, which was even weekends. The jet ski area is very small, but there is lots of room surrounding for the other stuff- kayaks, SUP, canoes, etc. They also have free beach space, which is perfect for having gatherings. Locker rentals are $5 and there is plenty of parking. Restrooms and rinse showers are also available and there is also a small store with snacks, hats, drinks, etc.

    thumb Maggie T.
  •   Poor Service

    Very expensive

    Small area to Jetski

    It was an overall bad experience to say the least.

    thumb Jose V.
  •   This is a great family place! Would definitely come again with family or friends. We rented and tried everything they had canoeing, paddle board, speed boat and jet skiing and the water tricycle. My family usually goes on a big family outing once and year and we picked Carlsbas Lagoon. Definitely a place to visit!

    thumb Sherelle S.
  •   I bought a groupon for this place  for paddleboarding and it was really easy to redeem and check in. The board was pretty good and stable. The scenery was cool, fish kept jumping around while I was paddling.

    They even rent out jet skis and kayaks. It was fun to be out on the water on these hot days so I'd recommend if you want to do some adventuring in the area.

    thumb Chrystalline Z.
  •   We love this place!   That lagoon is a must do in North County.  The owner, Josh, is one of the nicest guys that you will ever meet and Austin always makes everyone feel welcomed and well taken care of.

    thumb Jeff C.
  •   What better way to enjoy a heated summer night in San Diego. I was home relaxing with the AC. Somebody is knocking on my door. Sure enough my nieces and nephew showed with no notice. I guess my nephew wanted to hangout with his uncle. So I said no problem.

    When I asked my nephew what you want to do now. As I told it's way too hot to be outside. My nephew said let's go on some wave runners. I said to myself what a great idea. Where are going?

    My nephew I just found the place to go. Off we go to Carlsbad Lagoon. The minute you arrive you are greeted with a nice welcome. After checking in I told the employee what we needed. No problem give us five minutes and you will be all set.

    Sure enough five minutes later off we go to the water. I have to say the best spare of the moment idea I ever had. No questions it was truly fun to enjoy some water sports in crazy heat. To the entire staff at Carlsbad Lagoon. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for being an amazing team.  I look forward to coming back.

    thumb Alan B.
  •   We took our Family here on 6-22-18 to ride a wave runner for the first time. The staff was very helpful and friendly. We ended staying and rented kayaks and paddle boards as well.  Great time - very nice atmosphere and again the staff was great!! Good job!

    thumb Bret B.