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  •   Great parking and parking attendant.
    Got three Groupons and saved lots of money.
    Great for families with ping Kong and basketball courts while you wait or take break from water.

    Got water cycle and that was so slow. Legs were moving but Seems like it took forever to move Bc of jet ski track.
    Also got a stand up paddle board, hard to stay on Bc of proximity of jet ski track and wake. Got dunked twice.

    Also got a dual kayak which was the best option of the three crafts Bc it was able to move faster and survive waves from jet skis.

    Overall worth the drive and money.

    thumb Lily P.
  •   Service was great! Lots of options for water sports at a very reasonable price. They also had lockers and bags to rent for $5 which was great! I don't recommend the Aquacycle though. Imagine riding a two person tricycle on the highest gear with a terrible turning radius and not being able to pick up any speed

    thumb Mary B.
  •   So impressed with this place! We celebrated a birthday here with 20 guests. The facility and the staff far exceeded our expectations.  The staff was so accommodating.  Austin and Chandler in particular, but every staff member was friendly and helpful.  All our guests had a wonderful time, and so did we. We will definitely be back.  Thank you for a great day!

    thumb C P.
  •   Picked the perfect place to try SUP for the first time. I was a little  hesitant at first but after talking to a couple employees that were very positive and not pushy I said let's do it! My husband chose the Kayak and I did the paddle board. Jake introduced us to the lagoon and answered  all our questions and concerns and made us feel comfortable  for our first time trying this. The lagoon was calm, only a couple jet skis on the water. I did fall off the board and Jake came running over on shore and asked if I needed help but I wanted to get back up on my own and he waited until I did and also gave very encouraging  words of support, very nice young man. The whole experience  was great and we definitely  want to go back.

    thumb Andrea H.
  •   This is a very nice place to go kayaking. You can rent kayaks for a really good price or If you have your own kayak there is a beach on the opposite end of the lagoon.

    thumb Susan S.
  •   Great great great place. Lots of fun and cheap. Use groupon for great discounts highly recommend

    thumb Gordon B.
  •   We did the 2HR $29 double kayak #Groupon deal and it was so much fun! For beginners the price and time was SUPER cheap! We really enjoyed ourselves and loved the Carlsbad locals who gave us friendly tips from the shore. Wonderful experience. Definitely coming again.

    thumb Shakyla U.
  •   Not a place to take your kids, not a family place. We were there over the summer. A group of guys and girls came blasting their music that of course had foul language. Girls practically naked. The worst thing of it, the girls had the staff members taking pictures...and im talking about inappropriate pictures big times on the See-Doos. Really the staff????? Instead of taking pictures of the girls they should of asked them to stop. We complained but of course nothing happened. Staff does not care. Then you had on the other side, guys drinking and cursing blasting their music as well. I will never go there again. Its a shame cause it is a nice little place but staff lets people do whatever. Dont feel safe there. Think twice before you take your family.

    thumb Rosie G.
  •   This is probably the worst experience I have ever had at a business. We spent over $200  to drive wave runners in a tiny circle. The whole time another man kept cutting me off or making the wakes completely unmanageable to navigate. The water was really difficult to ride in and made the whole experience awful. Once we finished no one was there to help guide the wave runners to the beach.

    It gets worse.

    They asked for our ID and credit card when we checked in and they never gave it back. We called, left voicemails, left Facebook comments and messages and still have not heard back from them.

    We missed our train back and had to book a hotel just to stay nearby until someone at the business decides to give us our credit card and drivers license back.

    To make matters worse, they had our phone numbers on file and email. No one even called us to let us know they still had our credit card and ID.

    This ruined my birthday and I hope someone at your business will contact my husband or me. We have family right now waiting from out of town in Los Angeles for a birthday brunch. We wont be able to see them and will have to cancel because of this negligence.

    We are at a hotel nearby and awaiting your call.

    thumb Susan S.
  •   Had a great time here. First we rented a kayak and didn't get far (harder than thought) so then we rented some jet skis for an hour and had a blast! The jet skis were brand new! When we got there at 11am we were the only ones there it was a blast! Later in the day a lot more people came but it didn't change the amount of fun we were having. There were people constantly on the shore if you wanted to switch who was driving which was nice. They also had a great shop where you can get swimsuits or sunscreen or anything else you need. Tons of fun will definitely be back.

    thumb Carissa R.