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  •   Great place to go with a group that needs to rent together.  They have an awesome bbq hang out area, you might have to rent though... I'm not sure.   If you are a solo person with your own watercraft (kayak,  paddleboard, etc) there are other locations in San Diego that are more visually interesting.   This wide open water spot, if there is any kind of wind,  works in your favor in one direction and provides challenges in the other.  Also you must pay a day use fee to the rental place if you do have your own gear.

    thumb Thea P.
  •   We had a great experience. Used Groupon to get kayaks. Great parking and kid friendly beach area. Quick and simple check in. Two great hours on a calm Lagoon on a clear and warm sunny winter day. Saw jumping fish but didn't catch anything. Very simple and family friendly. Thanks for a great afternoon!

    thumb Meredith C.
  •   This place was awsome, but I forgot to leave id, and theybdidnt bother to call me back, even tho they had my 411 on file, like braaaaaaa, nevertheless th8s place is a must tried the jet ski and was, awsome, oh yeaaa

    thumb Batman F.
  •   Great vibe, friendly place, fun, peaceful!
    Great equipment to rent. Staff is helpful. Did SUP. I agree with others that jet ski wake is a little tough for beginners to navigate, it would be best if they could be more westwardly.

    thumb Jane D.
  •   Really fun once you get through the check in process! Go on Groupon to get best rental rates! Be aware that if you're a first time paddle boarder, you want to go on off times/days. They allow boating and jet skis in the same area (they designate a section for them) so it creates waves. I think it's the best part, in addition to the jumping fish!, but it's not for the very first timers. Currents/winds can also add to the difficulty level. It is such a little Carlsbad gem!

    Only con is the check in process is always a mess. Teenagers run the office, which is totally fine- what a fun summer job! But that's the type of service you get. No one really cares much- it's just what do you what to do, pay this, sign this waiver, oh stand in a huge line while there are three people behind the desk and only one actually working, sorry, and then a total mess and cluster to actually get in the water. I was wading into the water with peddle boats, jet skis, 5 paddle boards, and they're like here you go, find your way out. Not exactly safe or organized entry. But once you're out there, SO much fun!

    thumb SD 6.
  •   Stayed at a resort close to here and wanted some family fun so we headed on over here. It was a bit crowded considering it was the day before labor day, but all in all my family and i had a blast. We rented a boat, which was a bit on the pricey side for an hour but it was well worth it. I did not necessarily like the Jet ski rink they have because you're limited to going in large circles so we skipped that but the boat was worth the wait.

    thumb Abdull N.
  •   Rented a jet ski for an hour. They allow you to ride it in a fairly tight area and just do laps. Basically go in circles with about 10 others riders, creating an unpleasantly choppy area. I was bored within 10 minutes with the monotony of doing laps. Much better to rent jet skis in Mission Bay.

    Staff was very friendly and the beach area is very pleasant. If they would open up the area where you can ride it would be a good experience.

    thumb Guy R.
  •   I'm a big fun of this place partially because nice people working there and customer service too. Can't find a better place for wave runner in SoCal than this. Their formal part of waiving liability etc is not suffocating at all as many similar places are. One girl on front desk easily carries all that load with very nice computer software they have. I'm a business owner myself and like to see how other businesses organize their work and strive to be efficient. If you go to big national rental place you would see tons of documents piling on front of you and couple of reps swarming above your head to make you sign. Here it's way more professional, without pressure, and efficient.

    thumb Armond V.
  •   Great summer fun at the Carlsbad Lagoon! One of our favorite family places for watersports in Southern California! And especially for Wakeboarding and tubing! !  Lagoon gives you the best of both worlds - refreshing ocean with calm waves to enjoy all the water sports. Wakeboarding is especially exhilarating. And if you cant get up on the board, u can go tubing! Only need to hang on for a wild thrill u will never forget. Love the speedboat drivers who can accommodate up to 8 on board. Time flies fast. About $175 an hour on the boat but worth the happy memories. Fun in the sun for the whole family. And where i love taking guests to enjoy the best of so Cal! Great job Josh and Riley and Alisha! See u next summer!

    thumb Farland C.
  •   Great for a fun weekend but make sure you keep track of your own time. They seem to cut your time short. I was wearing an Apple Watch and my time tracking was on point.

    thumb Kenia F.